New year is about letting go!

New year is about letting go!

Another year, another series of events passes by, giving you another set of memories and forming another layer of experiences on your mind.

Time, no matter how gradually, changes you as a person. And if you’re even slightly self-aware, you’ll definitely be a better version of yourself.

I’ve noticed that there is one thing which everyone who believes in being better everyday, follows (even if sub-consciously). It’s ‘letting go’! They know that there is only limited control they can exercise. That things going out of control is inevitable. That the brain has limits, you need to store what’s important and flush away all that isn’t. That holding on to something / someone can become that one and only thing holding you back.

This new year, make a resolution — LET GO! To begin with, let go of all the new year resolutions you couldn’t keep, let go of the anxiety of making another set of these and sticking to them.

Let go of the bad things..

Let go of bad things
If life is actually a journey, too much baggage from the past will make you miss the train. The train to Utopia, full of adventures, and uncertainties, and all that you can just imagine.
Let go of all the bad experiences you’ve had in 2016, let go of the losses, let go of all that went wrong, let go of all the hatred and all the negativity. Don’t let this layer on your brain be the top one. Cover it up with the happy memories and everything good that’s happened. And the only way you can let it all go, is when you find something better to hold on to.
There is definitely an extent to which the negativity can exist, you need to find something positive enough to out-do it.

And the good things..

Being complacent is the worst you can do to yourself. This layer is the strongest one, and it’s corrosive in nature. Achieved something really great in 2016? Great! Absorb all the learnings you got, and move on. Don’t hold on to the sense of achievement, hold on to the desire to keep repeating this success.

Remember good

When you carry too much pride with yourself, you’ll lose the pace. The weight of all the pride may be too heavy for your brain to rise above it. ‘Feeling good’ will persist, doing good won’t.

And everything in between.

Don’t confuse letting go with removing the existence of all the happenings completely. Think of it as moving your emails to trash. They still exist for a while and are not permanently deleted. Just don’t let everything stay in your inbox and clutter it. When you let go, there will still be some portions lingering in your brain, which is again, not under your control. Don’t force them out. Let them be, the motive is to lose control.

Everything you talk about, will be of ‘last year’ soon. All you need to do is not let it last. It’s a ‘new’ year, keep it that way.

At Finomena, we are walking into 2017 with bags full of learnings, and letting go all that didn’t go as expected. We’re looking the next milestone into its eye, and letting go all that we achieved in the past. We’re looking at the sky and letting go of the height to which we grew.

We are letting 2016 go, and welcoming 2017 with the newest enthusiasm, energy and zeal to do better for people who deserve better. We are here, wishing you all a very happy NEW year!