How Finomena helped me make the ‘final cut’!

How Finomena helped me make the ‘final cut’!

Rahul is a gaming geek. Professionally, he’s a video game tester and designer. For the love of videos he creates, he’s also an active YouTuber.

When I was a kid, being a ‘gamer’ always meant a lot more to me than it would mean to others around. It wasn’t just a tip-tap-boom-yeehaww kind of short-lived fun for me. I lived the games. Therefore, I opted game designing as a career.

I design and test video games for a living, and it’s not just “all play no work”. You need to go beyond your comfort level and work really hard to provide users with a great experience. And to achieve that, you can not leave any stone unturned.

Despite a lot other tools available for high-quality video editing, I had lost my heart to Final Cut Pro from Apple, and knew that the work I do will be better than ever if I could start using it. But, I didn’t own a Mac. Resisted for a while, but I couldn’t let the work get hampered anymore and made my mind to buy a MacBook Pro.

Before I could buy the MacBook Pro…

I thought of the options to pay the price (read ‘huge price’) it came for. I could either use the money I had saved and buy it on a one-time payment, or buy Macbook on EMI.

Paying the one time price never seemed like the smartest decision to me. I had something better planned for that money.

Buying on EMIs seemed to be an option I could go with. However, I have had not-so-good experiences with banks when I had previously bought on EMIs using my credit card.

And for me, it’s all about the experience.

I decided to never go down that lane again.

Buy laptop on EMI using debit card” is the string I searched for on Google Play Store, in hopes that there might be one such startup which can help me here.

And I found Finomena..

I went through the description and reviews looking for just two answers:

  • Could I buy the MacBook on EMI on debit card? — Check.
  • Were others, who had used Finomena, happy with the service? — Check.

I downloaded the Finomena app and liked the user-experience it provided (being a game designer myself, I can’t help but subconsciously judge every app on its UX).

Applied for a loan for MacBook Pro, and remember I was…

…talking about the user experience?

It took hardly 20 minutes to apply for the loan, and just a day for loan-approval. Document submission, making downpayment, and everything happened while I was sitting on a chair at my home on a lazy Saturday afternoon. That’s it! No running behind any finance company, nothing.

Getting loan approved and the product being delivered to me is just one part of the entire process. I already had a plan to handle the second part nicely, which is —

Managing the EMIs:

As I said initially, I’m not into paying full-time prices for items I buy, because of the amount of money that gets blocked at once. I currently have four EMIs running, including the one for MacBook Pro. I earn and save enough to easily pay all the EMIs on a single day in a month, but I have chosen the EMI dates at the gap of 5 days each, so that even when there is a sudden expense that I have to bear, I have time to manage the next EMI amount and pay it on time.

The Final Cut Pro:

Now that I had a MacBook, I could use Final Cut Pro for video editing. I’ve been all the more productive since then. It’s so awesome to realise that you’ve made a right decision buying the product, and buying it in a smart way!

Finally, I would say that although my loan got approved quickly, the process was a breeze, and I owned what I wanted to from so long, it’s still the overall experience and “Satisfaction” in the end, which won me over. It turned me into a natural evangelist for the company.