Finomenal way of holistic problem solving

Flyn, while sitting near the window in the grass amphi-theatre, calls out Fia from across the table and requests her to help him with his latest digital marketing hack that he is leading in his company. Fia, naturally a very chirpy and extremely helpful human being, but with surprising levels of razor sharp smartness decides to help Flynn out for sometime.

Both Flynn and Fia have joined Finomena a month back and are leading different streams within Growth. While Flynn just joined from a top consulting firm, Fia comes from a very unconventional background. Unlike Flynn, she is an economist by education, but designer at heart. Before Finomena, she was working at another e-commerce startup where she not only started a new category, but grew it to make it the most profitable category — private label innerwear J.

Flynn and Fia huddle in one of the quirky meeting rooms to discuss Flynn’s DM hack. Flynn starts off with explaining the aim of his project, quickly moves on to his ideas for execution and overall plan for getting 100k users in 100 days. Fia is very excited to help and suggests some changes alongwith more ideas. Flynn gets slightly defensive and tries to prove to Fia that those won’t work because of one or the other reason. After vehement opposition from Flynn, Fia also thinks they won’t work and becomes submissive. She praised Flynn’s plan and the meeting ends. Flynn’s confidence levels get 2x nitro boost and both come out happy from the discussion.

On the other hand, Fia just got a new task to grow the app base from 50k to 1Mn users. She is super excited, this is the first time she is working on a digital product and she jumps straight in. She rushes to the printer to fetch some clean A4 sheets, locks herself in the nearby meeting room. Puts on her headphones, with really loud Punjabi music (Mika and Yo Yo Honey Singh….) innocently unaware of the fact that others can listen to her thanks to barrier less walls.

She tries to write all the ideas, all the concepts she can come up with making an idea cloud, rapidly filling all 3 white sheets within 15 minutes. Then comes a long pause, as all the first thoughts have already been penned down, she is seeing pulling her hair out. Bursting in to small bits of crazy dancing (not Elaine level though) with herself in the room and she gets back to writing some more ideas on papers, almost like Einstein’s gotten in to her head with uneven spurts in the next hour. After a crazy 1 hour with herself locked in the room, she has filled 5 pages with scribbles and ideas all over. We can read stuff such as ‘ Run a campaign for gamers on Stack-overflow’, ‘Post an Ad on to run in the night for high-end macbooks’ — she seems to have gone crazy it seems.

Little bit exhausted, she goes to the pantry to fix herself a drink. She finds an almost empty bottle of Glen in there, seems like some coder again stole her favorite scotch from the fridge in the night. She comes back with two glasses in her hand with neat single malt whirling from one corner to the other as she walks clumsily in her own style. The whole of HR team is seen rotating their necks at seeing Fia walking with two glasses in the middle of the day, while she shouts at Flynn to invite him for a discussion. Flynn has to not only return the favor to Fia, but he would never miss a single malt invite from the lady who he has had an explicit crush on (Com’on he’s an engineering student, you can’t blame him).

Fia knows her way around very well, she starts the discussion with both of them clinking the glass to loosen them before the serious brainstorming. Fia quickly introduces her problem statement in as an unbiased version as she can. It almost seems like she is that strict viva teacher in college who is giving a question to sincere student Flynn to solve. Flynn also responds in the nicest way just like the first bencher topper who would start jumping with raising his hand the moment the teacher finishes asking the question. He starts firing off ideas left right and center, Fia cross-questions him only to make him think more and give more ideas. Whole -session seems to be in complete control of Fia who is vehemently taking notes of every single word falling from Flynn’s mouth, she not only drives the discussion where she gets more n more ideas and different perspectives, but also pushes Flynn to think more unconventional, probably looking for her more crazy Ad ideas like the ones she came up with earlier J. They both spend a good hour brainstorming and while Fia comes out with 8 sheets full of content and ideas.

Fia collates papers from her own thinking along with papers from Flynn’s discussion. She grabs her sleek Macbook air and jumps on to grab a seat near the window with a cup of mocha latte this time. Within 10 minutes, there are a zillion tabs open on her laptop. She seems to be vehemently googling and researching for keywords such as “best practices”, “past successes” and “what not to do while scaling up on App installs”.

Finally, when both of them present their ideas to the team, Flynn comes up with a list of only his own ideas which are a few, while Fia not only has her own original / first principles thinking ideas but also Flynn’s brilliant brain dump in the session she did and the massive amounts of information she found from Mr. Google.

Fia represents the true Finomenal way of problem solving /thinking. Precisely, the 3 Fs of the Finomenal process being:

1. First principles thinking with yourself

2. Finomenals (Team) brainstorming to get more ideas

3. Finding / Googling to learn how others do it

Three steps of holistic thinking

#BeingFinomenal is about being holistic, being collaborative, being complete. We all are mad about data and believe all decisions will be done using data. We don’t believe in baseless opinions, rather focus on well thought out / researched content. The above process makes sure we don’t miss out on anything and neither constraint our thinking to only ourselves or Google 🙂

#BeLikeFia #BeingFinomenal




Abhishek Garg