5 kinds of customers we get to talk to everyday!

5 kinds of customers we get to talk to everyday!

Being customer-centric is one of the unsaid rules each one of us at Finomena follows. Everything we do, everything we aim for, is to fetch that one smile on a customer’s face, because of the experience (s)he has with us.

But, lending is a difficult business. You deliver smiles with each loan getting approved, and simultaneously know that not every loan can get approved.

Interacting with our customers, knowing their feedback and improving accordingly is something we take really seriously. Among hundreds of conversations, there are always some which end up making our day. And it’s super fun! Sometimes happy, sometimes not-so-happy, here’s a list of 5 kinds of customers we get to talk to everyday:

1. The “patience of a saint” customers —

The “patience of a saint” customers

The best learnings in life are those which can make you a better person, it’s not always about acquiring new skills. And what’s better than being inspired by your own customers on a daily basis?

Sometimes the loan approval process can take time due to various reasons (incomplete application, incorrect details etc.), this group of customers waits so patiently that it’s unreal. It makes you move away from the computer screen, sit back, stare at the ceiling and think about all the times you have been impatient, and the difference it would make if you hadn’t.

2. The paranoid ones — 

The paranoid ones

‘What if my product doesn’t get delivered?’, ‘How trustworthy is your company?’, ‘What will you do with the documents I upload? Is it safe?’

We understand that it is obvious to be apprehensive while providing your data online, we all are. And hence, try to calm them down by explaining that since we’re into lending, we do need to verify one’s identity and assess him/her for credit-worthiness which we do with the help of all the data they provide, analysing it using machine learning algorithms.

Moreover, it is the same as applying for any other loan and submitting documents for verification. It’s just that our process is paper-less, where you can do it all online. To ensure the privacy of the data is of utmost importance for us.

For rest of the doubts in mind, we make them meet the happy family we’ve created —

Customer's testimonial

3.The ‘Buy me a bazooka’ customers —

Buy me a bazooka customer

From flight tickets, to pets, to the Eiffel tower, to the entire world, they would buy everything on EMIs if they could.

Sometimes we’re intrigued to see these wish-lists, other times we are simply amazed. Most of the times, we smile to see so many people with so many dreams, and us playing a small part in making them come true. It feels special, it does. So if you belong to this league, then you would be interested in reading 5 awesome things you can own for just around Rs. 500/month!

4.The ‘iPhone is love, iPhone is life’ customers —

The ‘iPhone is love, iPhone is life’ customers

From the time Apple launched iPhone 7, this group has been determined to have a chunk of that Apple!

The chats and emails we receive have been flooded with “How to buy an iPhone 7 on EMI without credit card?”, “Can I buy an iPhone and pay instalments using my debit card?”, “iPhone 7, today, now!”

They’re so emotionally attached to it that if they had to choose between iPhone 7 and their kidney, they would choose Finomena.

5.The ‘stopping by to say..I love you’ customers —

The ‘stopping by to say..I love you’ customers

Even if we try very hard to, you know it’s not possible to not be biased towards these customers. There are times when you have a lot on your mind, a lot of baggage to carry, and suddenly, you read something so amazing that every other issue seems petty against the happiness it provides.

Imagine a note popping up in your inbox out of nowhere, reading ‘I love you’, from a person you value a lot. It makes all the difference in your day, everything you do seems worth. And it’s addictive, there is no enough love you can ask for. This is what makes us give in everything to improve the user-experience even further.

Each kind of customer has contributed in the amazing journey we’ve had, each one of them is a part of the Finomenal family, we have a message for each one of them — We love you!