5 awesome things you can own for just around Rs. 500/month!

5 awesome things you can own for just Rs. 500/month!

Happiness comes in small packages, and the small packages come in small monthly instalments! Ever stumbled upon something which you found too cool to not own, but then saw the price tag below it, reached to your pockets to find just some coins jingling merrily, and immediately took a step back? Trust me, all of us have had a taste of this. I know, if only money grew on trees!

When this happens the next time, don’t let the coins and the price tag play tease. Visit Finomena — buy anything now, and pay later in Flexible Monthly Instalments. Before you jump to your wish-list, here’s our pick of 5 awesome things you can own for just Rs. 500 per month:

 1. JBL Flip 3 — Rs. 494/month

If you do not own it already, you are missing out on awesomeness. JBL flip 3 is a portable bluetooth speaker which turns the party on, as soon as you turn up the volume.

JBL Flip 3

There is no reason to not own it, everyone loves music! With JBL Flip 3, music loves you back! Apart from the great sound quality, it’s design will win you over. This light-weight, cylindrical powerhouse of a speaker, is as easy to carry as your phone. Own it via Finomena for just Rs. 494/month. The next time someone asks you to come home for a party, carry the party with you.

2. Amazon Echo Dot — Rs. 486/month

Fascinated by Tony Stark’s Jarvis, I’ve always wondered if I could own (at least somewhat similar) a virtual assistant of my own. But then I used to end up with two options — be a billionaire, or go back to sleep. Amazon Echo Dot has made to the list of 5 awesome things you can own for just around Rs 500/month, since with this gadget, there finally seems to be some possibility to live that dream!

Amazon Echo Dot

It comes with far-field voice recognition. Just say the word ‘Alexa’ to wake it up, and ask it to do anything including playing music, booking you a cab, turning on the lights, T.V. etc. The moment you utter the words, it will be in your service, Lord Commander! Along with the Alexa app, it is as smart as it can get, and can follow complex instructions efficiently. Buy it via Finomena for just Rs. 486/month, which is a price too less to feel like Iron Man! You can also buy a lot other home appliances on EMI without credit card.

3. TrackR Wallet— Rs. 275/month

When you lose one of your belongings like keys, wallet etc., you wish you could give a call and track it listening to the ringtone. But unfortunately, not everything is your phone. Talking about your phone, the power of ringtone fails to help when it is on silent mode. For all these times, TrackR comes to the rescue!

TrackR wallet

TrackR wallet is a super slim device which you can easily carry in your wallet, or use it with a keyring. Just download the TrackR app on your phone and with one tap of your finger, you will hear the soothing tone helping you track down the lost item! You can also track it using the crowd GPS. But what if you lose your phone when it’s on silent mode? Ta-da! It works both ways! Pressing the button on the TrackR device will make your phone ring even if it’s on silent mode! Stop losing your mind over the lost items, get TrackR wallet via Finomena on EMIs of just Rs. 275/month using your debit card.

4. Compact Recliner — Rs. 516/month

If you’ve ever gone furniture shopping, you must have noticed one such recliner placed silently in a corner, proud of its beauty, immersed in all the glory, alluring you to come and sit. Right beside it is the protector, the price tag, pushing everyone away. Well, gone are those days! You can now bring home the ultimate comfort in easy monthly instalments.

Compacy Recliner

Get it via Finomena for just Rs. 516/month. Can’t think of a reason to not go ahead and buy it, right? If owning this is not all that will make your home look perfect, launch the Finomena Android app or go to the website to browse and buy furniture on EMI without credit card! Just a few taps and clicks to give your castle a makeover.

5. Kindle — Rs. 397/month

Okay, neither is this a newly launched super-innovative product, nor something you are unaware about. But you never knew owning it can be this easy! Get a Kindle via Finomena for just Rs. 397/month, and feed words to the never satiated reader in you.


For those who never came across this amazing product, it is an e-reader from Amazon. It is almost like a book, just more capable. You can read thousands of books online. When you walk with it in hand, you don’t carry a book, but a library with you.

These 5 awesome things that you can own for just Rs. 500 per month are just a glimpse of the world-full of happiness you never knew you could afford. Take a look at the products available on Finomena, or just copy and paste the link for a product from websites like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Urban Ladder and more. You can also install the Finomena Chrome extension to customise the loan and apply for it right from the website where you’re checking out the product.

If you love the product enough to cut on your expenses and save a few bucks daily, just visit Finomena and apply for a loan. We’ll take it from there!