3 reasons you must be giving gifts on Diwali!

3 reasons you must be giving gifts on Diwali!

Diwali is here, and so is the joy it brings with itself. Each festival is beautiful in terms of the aura it creates, but there is something extraordinarily special about Diwali. The moment you step out of your house, you can feel it. It’s there! The colorful banners, the lights, the sound of crackers at a distance and the excitement on the faces you see, is ubiquitous. But, that’s not all what makes it so special.

Exchanging gifts is one thing I’ve particularly observed about Diwali, and have had a gazillion arguments and reasoning sessions with myself on why this “custom” exists. Coming out of the cobwebs empty-handed, I have realized that whatever the reason behind giving gifts is, there is one thing for sure — it makes you feel really good, no matter which side of the hand you are at! Here are 3 reasons you must be giving gifts on diwali to your loved ones (or even a random stranger):

1.The festive mood –

The festive mood

Each atom in the universe is in an excited state, and you’ve got to leverage that energy! In non-geeky words, the festive season acts as a trigger to all the positive emotions. If you could take advantage of it by giving a gift to someone, you can achieve a lot. Be it a furious friend, a nagging neighbour or disappointed dad, this is the perfect time to mend all the dents with them. The happy-vibe is so strong that it induces forgiveness in us. If you met your arch-rival on the Diwali night, you would not be able to move past without greeting him/her with a smile. And the best part is, you won’t regret it. Giving a gift to appease someone is not about bribing, it’s about finding that one ray of light which has the power to illuminate the dimmed relations. It is one of the 3 reasons you must be giving gifts on diwali, which can do magic and bring happiness around you!

2. Love is already in the air, add to it –

Love is in the air

Not that you should go ahead and ask your crush out all of a sudden, and expect him/her to smile and say ‘Yes’, no! Please don’t do that. While there is a possibility for it to be in your favor, instead of being abrupt, you should rather choose to make that smile grow wider gradually. Everyone is already in a mood to spread love, give them something they would love to own and you will add gallons to the love they have to give. When it overflows, guess who will take the shower!

3. It’s about lighting up –

Lighten up your diwali

“This Diwali, make someone happy!” — remember all the ads which say that? We love this idea, but rarely try hard enough to actually gift some happiness to the people who need it, those who deserve it. It is the festival of lights, and the best thing you can do is light up someone’s world. It does not take much, but it has to be the right source of light. As they say, ‘Giving gifts is an art’, the most tricky part is to identify what’s best for whom. To your mom, even a peck on the cheek is more than all the light in the world. To a homeless kid, a pair of used shoes will give him wings. But what if we could give them something more than that?

 Gifts are not about the price tag on them. They are purely the feelings and emotions wrapped into a glittery paper, giving them a physical form. Give someone a handmade cookie with all your heart, and it can do wonders. But, there are times when the most perfect gift we can think of for someone, is at a price we cannot afford. Even when everyone is advertising shelling out of heavy discounts, making it sound like you’ll be paid a million bucks every time you lay your hands on something at the shop, it can still be difficult to pay the actual final price, at once.

For all these times, we are here to make the ends meet. At Finomena, you can buy a huge bundle of happiness for someone, in small monthly installments. Buy anything you want, and pay for it later in installments that suit the best to your finances with our . You do not even need a credit card, you can use your debit card to pay the EMIs. We hope after reading you understand what are the important 3 reasons you must be giving gifts on Diwali!! Go, make this Diwali more festive for someone! 🙂

Let there be light. Let the love prevail!